Core Beliefs
Explore core beliefs, traditions and practices of prominent world religions.
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Ministerial Tools
Access training tools to successfully officiate ceremony services.
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Spiritual Counsel
Learn about spiritual companionship, counsel and consultation.
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Spiritual Development
Journey into the spiritual arts and discover your greatest strengths.
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Chaplaincy Program
Understand the valuable role of Chaplains and Chaplaincy work.
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Eastern Philosophy
Examine some of the oldest and most widely known and used philosophies.
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Mystical Studies
Delve into the fundamentals of esoteric practices and magick ritual.
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Interfaith Studies
Investigate the common ground between religious philosophies.
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Christian Studies
Research biblical origins, history, apostles and gospels.
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Minister Training

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Select any of our courses in any order you wish to study them in.

We encourage you to select and complete your courses in any order you feel is best. Study at your own pace without stress.

Submit Your Work

Post or upload assignments, essays or activity summary documents to us.

Submit your assignments by uploading any documents using a convenient form, or send them by email.

Earn Your Diploma

With a passing grade, your completion certificate diploma will be issued.

Upon successful completion, we issue certificates that are dated and signed. Each is affixed with an official ULC Seminary seal. 

Expand. Progress. Evolve.

Never Stop Learning


Expanding your knowledge and skills opens the door to greater opportunities personally and professionally which impacts others.


Personal development through transformative work creates meaningful pathways of discovery to live and be of service more authentically.


ULC Seminary students evolve their personal practices to live a more fulfilling and harmonious life, whether secular, spiritual or religious.

Take the Journey

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